Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Premium Edition +

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Premium Edition




Please Note: This version does not work in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia PES 2018 Premium Edition Includes: Base Game 1x FC Barcelona Special Agent 1x FC Barcelona Legend Special Agent 1,000 myClub coins 2x Premium Partner Agents for myClub UEFA Champions League Agent for myClub Usain Bolt for myClub 4x Start Up Agents 1x Partner Club Agent 10,000 GP x 10 weeks NEW FEATURE FUNDAMENTAL GAMEPLAY CHANGES new feature 01 / Strategic Dribbling, Real Touch +, New Set Pieces 13/06/2017 Strategic Dribbling CONTROL IMPROVEMENT Feeling of total control when in possession, ability to make small and decisive movement to maintain the ball or make space. PHYSICALITY REPRESENTATION Intelligent ball control allows you to keep the ball away from physically strong players. STRATEGIC DRIBBLING Control the ball touch timing with just a simple stick control, wrong foot defenders with dribbling and fake moves through fine control with the stick. Real Touch + FULL BODY TOUCH Smoother trap control through realistic movement using various parts of the body such as chest, stomach and thighs. OPPOSITION AWARENESS Players are more aware of their surrounding when receiving the ball, often pushing their body in between the opponent and the ball, with physically strong players having more character in keeping the ball. REALISTIC BALL PHYSICS Further inclusion of real ball physics further enhances the reality including where it bounces, with skilled players being able to react smoothly to these situations accordingly. New Set Pieces CORNER KICK / FREE KICK Control improvement with the removal of the guideline allows for greater skill and natural control, with new camera angle options to give the user the best view. See more action and physical battles as you step up to take a corner, while multiple strategy controls can be set at the timing of the kick allowing for a more dramatic outcome. Category NEW FEATURE ENHANCED VISUAL REALITY new feature 02 / Authentic Player Models, Animation Rework, Real World Visuals 13/06/2017 Authentic Player Models PLAYER BODY SCANNING Using real life scanning data, perfectly recreate the player models, including short size and shirt fitting Animation Rework BASE LAYER REVOLUTION Player animations have been reworked from the ground up, starting with core movement such as walking, turning and body posture. HUMAN MOTION With hundreds of animations coming into the game, the natural flow between them creates a sense of reality never seen before in the series. FACIAL EMOTION Face animation has been significantly upgraded, allowing the user to see intricacies in emotion and feeling with matches any given situation. Alongside this facialexpression animation has been greatly improved, creating the biggest upgrade ever in PES. GOALKEEPERS The highly praised Keepers will see a new level of improvement. As well an abundance of new save animations, keepers carry the ball more naturally after a save, and have a variety of intelligent motions when throwing the ball to a player. PRESENTATION ELEMENTS As well new HUD elements, during the game a variety of stats based on team and player performance will appear with real player images. New cutscenes added such as substitution and foul calling, as well as unique presentation when a player scores a hat-trick. Real World Visuals REAL LIGHTING On site research and material coverage of partner team home stadiums Camp Nou and Signal Induna Park benefits the game in the recreation of authentic lighting for the turf, with the addition of players and tunnels for both day and night matches based on fine detail data all collected in real corresponding times.PS4, Xbox One and PC only LOCKER ROOMS During the coverage, capturing of the locker rooms and mix areas took place to allow further realistic recreation for in-game.  CROWD Off the pitch, crowd visuals and their reaction to the on-pitch action have been improved for a more natural but dramatic effect. NEW FEATURE ONLINE CO-OP new feature 03 / Online CO-OP (PS4, Xbox One and PC only) 13/06/2017 Online CO-OP (PS4, Xbox One and PC only)PS4, Xbox One and PC only COMPETE ALONGSIDE FRIENDS New mode supporting 3v3 and 2v2, allowing you to team up with friends or other users to compete against the world. PLAY WITH YOUR STYLE You can make a one-off team with an automatically matched user, or create a clan with highly skilled friends and aim for the top of the ranks. COUCH CO-OP Supports up to 2 guests on same console, play as many as 3 on the same team to play on online CO-OP matches. FULL MODE INTEGRATION Play 3v3 across modes, from myClub and PES LEAGUE. PES LEAGUE INTEGRATION Compete in the eSports competition with myClub SCOUT AUCTION IMPROVEMENT New functions such as the database to search the specific type of player you want, history on past auction results, and Auto Bid functions for final round bids are some of the new features. myClub Online CO-OP Build your CO-OP team with your squad combined with your friends. Cooperation is a big part of the strategy that comes into play for victory.PS4, Xbox One and PC only Master League CHALLENGES & GOALS At the start of the season you will now be given a set of objectives and challenges according to the state of your team, which are important if you want to stay in the job! PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENTS Play against the big teams before the season starts. TRANSFER SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT New elements added such as release fees in player contracts. New elements added such as release fees in player contracts. New menu design throughout the mode, with the inclusion of pre-match interview sessions before big matches and locker room scenes.PS4, Xbox One and PC only Random Selection Match FAN FAVOURITE RETURNS Added through popular demand, the mode returns with more ways to play and new presentational elements. Set the criteria of players you want and play with the selected players as your team. TRADE SYSTEM Once you have your players, try and bargain for player exchanges while blocking the player you don’t want traded, testing your strategic choices. UI Overhaul PS4, Xbox One and PC only MENUS From top to bottom, every single menu has been completely overhauled through modern design, especially HUD display during the matches recreating a broadcast feel. REAL LIFE PHOTOS Real player images have been added to the gameplan and in-match stats display, bringing a higher level of realism Category PES LEAGUE (PS4, Xbox One, PC and PS3 only) PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC only VARIETY IN MATCH CATEGORIES Many competitions will be held in many categories not just as a standard 1 on 1 but myClub, CO-OP and Random Selection Match. Enjoy PES LEAGUE with who you want, how you want to. PLAYER STAT BALANCING New option allows for all teams to have the same average rating for you to win with the team that you truly support. PC Steam version undergoes substantial enhancements in graphics and content, meeting quality standards and ensuring parity across all current gen platforms.